Become a Troubleshooters Contractor

The Opportunity

Troubleshooters contractors are ambassadors for the organisation and are considered integral to the success of the business.

Contractors engaged by Troubleshooters are rigidly screened to ensure those selected are self-starters, responsible and skilled. Troubleshooters expect and demand high quality individuals that demonstrate quality work ethics, genuine experience and the ability to adjust to a flexible regime that can deliver results on diverse projects. The Troubleshooters requirement is to ensure selection of individuals with a long term vision of working within the Construction Industry.

Troubleshooters value and rely on client feedback. Client recommendations assist when contractors are being considered for future projects. Good workers are always in demand.

Make Your Application

Apply to be a Troubleshooters Contractor.

  • Do you have proven Building and Construction Industry Experience?
  • Are you a Self-Starter? Are you motivated and performance orientated? Are you able and willing to take on a variety of tasks and/or projects?

Then call now on 9568 4877 and arrange an interview, or fill out our pre-interview online form here.

How It Works

Contracting provides the opportunity of managing your work/life balance. With a wide variety of tasks and projects, contractors have the opportunity of developing and enhancing sought after skills and demonstrating real ‘on the job’ experience.

Contracting offers skilled workers the opportunity of expanding their network of business contacts. Labour hire contracting provides an opportunity to learn skills that are transferrable from project to project.

Some Troubleshooters construction personnel also operate their own businesses and being registered with Troubleshooters provides an opportunity to gain work between projects.

Building & Construction companies can increase labour during peak periods during the building cycle whilst reducing their workforce during the quieter phases of the project.

Contracting is a proven and viable alternative to traditional employer/employee relationships and also provides flexibility for both contractors and builders.

Where You Work

Troubleshooters Contractors are engaged on:

  • New Construction
  • Refurbishments, Renovations, Extensions
  • Office, Apartment and Hotel fitouts
  • Warehousing and Manufacturing facilities
  • Schools, Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities

Equipped and Paid

Construction industry workers must be accredited with and always carry their Construction Induction Card when on site.

Troubleshooters contractors make a personal decision about joining an industry union. Under the Workplace Relations Act 1996, it is stipulated that employers, employees and independent contractors are free to make the choice as to whether to join an industrial association. Contractors choosing not to do so cannot be discriminated against.

All Troubleshooters Contractors are required to provide and as required, wear personal protective equipment. Carpenters provide all power and hand tools. Labourers provide basic tools such as shovel/s, hammer/s, pinchbar/s, sets of screwdrivers and shifter spanners.

Contractors with Troubleshooters are paid weekly and are required to notify the Troubleshooters office by telephone each Tuesday on hours worked in the previous week. Payments are deposited into their nominated Bank Account the Friday of the same week.