Troubleshooters Available contractors take on their assignments determined to give their best to our clients as the recommendations and feedback we receive contributes to their use on future projects. Good workers are always in demand.

Our contractors are able to manage their work/life balance which is becoming increasingly important to us all. The variety of projects and tasks is appealing and provides opportunities for the contractors to enhance and further develop their experience and skills. They are also able to improve their network of business contacts.

Some of our contractors operate their own businesses and therefore have a greater appreciation of the pressures and demands placed on our clients when managing a busy construction site. The contacting system is a useful backstop for these contractors who sometimes find themselves ’between jobs’. The skills learned and knowledge gained on one project is easily transferred to another.

We all know that workloads can fluctuate without notice for a variety of reason. Increased demands and expectations on core staff can have a negative impact on moral, productivity and OH&S. In utilising the services of a labour hire agency such as Troubleshooters Available, builders can quickly increase their workforce in times of peak and/or unexpected activity and similarly they are able to reduce their workforce during down time. The ability to source specific skills at short notice is also a benefit. The use of labour hire can be an effective staffing strategy with wide ranging benefits.


Projects undertaken by our contractors include...

  • New Construction
  • Refurbishments / Renovations / Extensions
  • Offices / Apartments / Hotels
  • Warehouse / Manufacturing Facilities
  • Schools / Hospitals / Aged Care Facilities

Supervisors, Foreman & Leading Hands

Troubleshooters Available currently has numerous Supervisors, Foreman and Leading Hands successfully running sites.

The projects we are involved in include:

Looking for work

Every time a contractor steps on a building site they are an ambassador for our business. For that reason we value our contractors and consider them integral to the success of our business.
Our contractors are a part of a team that enjoys the flexibility of hours, days and weeks. They use every assignment as an opportunity to showcase their particular skills, experiences and work ethics. The variety of assignments enables our contractors to cultivate a diversity of work experiences and further their opportunities within the construction industry.