Frequently Asked Questions

Is Troubleshooters Available compliant with the National Code of Practice?

YES. The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations has deemed that Troubleshooters Available is compliant with the National Code of Practice. A copy of the letter of confirmation can be downloaded from this website.

Are Troubleshooters and it's contractors well versed in matters relating to Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)?

Most definitely! Troubleshooters have always prided themselves on their proactive approach to OH&S.

Our commitment to OH&S is unwavering. Our contractors are constantly reminded both verbally and by way of correspondence and SMS that safety on site cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Our contractors are accredited with the Construction Induction Card and in addition we ensure that all of our new contractors are put through an in house OH&S induction. Further to this, our affiliated company, Site Safety Audits Victoria Pty Ltd, visit our contractors on site to ensure that they are being provided with a safe working environment, are suitably trained to undertake the tasks required of them and are utilising the relevant safety equipment.

If you have a particular question or matter that you would like to have clarified, please don't hesitate to contact our office. Our operational staff are always available when it matters - when you need them.

Are Troubleshooters able to provide advice on matters relating to Occupational Health & Safety and industrial issues?

Due to the experience and knowledge we have gained in almost 40 years in the building and construction industry, many clients seek our input and opinion on a broad range of issues. Additionally we do have our own personnel with OH&S qualifications. We are more than happy to discuss options with you and offer support.

Are TSA contractors available outside the Melbourne Metropolitan Area?

Yes. TSA contractors are involved in many and varied construction projects across Melbourne and it's environs.

Are TSA contractors financial union members?

The majority of our contractors are registered with the CFMEU however The Workplace Relations Act 1996 clearly emphasises that employers, employees and independent contractors are free to join or not to join ay industrial association. They cannot be discriminated against or victimised in the way they wish to provide their services.

I have my workers on an EBA, can I engage contractors from Troubleshooters?

Yes. Our clients having signed an EBA or not are free to use the services of Troubleshooters as and when their need arises, either on a long or short term basis. EBA's govern and apply only to your directly engaged employees.

What tickets are TSA contractors required to have?

Every person working on a building site in Victoria must have the Construction Induction Card accreditation. If you are not accredited, we will arrange for you to attend the appropriate course conducted by the Master Builders Association of Victoria. Our contractors make a personal choice as to becoming financial members of the CFMEU.

What cover is provided for TSA contractors?

All contractors are covered for:

Public Liability

TSA cannot contribute to CoInvest or Incolink however the majority of its contractors are registered with them as ‘working sub-contractors’.

What tools and personal protection equipment (PPE) will TSA contractors provide?

All TSA contractors are required to provide PPE. In addition carpenters provide all power and hand tools. Labourers provide basic tools such as a shovel, hammer, pinch bar, set of screw drivers and shifters.

How much work will TSA provide to its contractors?

TSA is a service company that meets the demands of the building industry; therefore we cannot guarantee ongoing work. Some clients are only interested in using our services for day labour or casual labour other clients use labour hire as an integral part of their labour management. However it is in our best interests to get as many contractors as possible out working, particularly contractors who are good ambassadors for TSA. Some of our contractors are registered builders or operate their own businesses and use the services of TSA during their quiet times. We are able to offer both short and long term placements. We also have a placement service which can provide contractors with career positions within our client network.

To which locations do TSA provide construction personnel?

TSA contractors work around Melbourne and its environs. Occasionally we provide construction personnel to country projects. When TSA contractors are assigned to our client’s projects their experience and suitability for the job is obviously most important, however, we do take into consideration the contractors proximity to the job.

When and how do TSA contractors get paid?

Contractors are required to contact the office by telephone every Tuesday to provide the hours that they have worked in the previous week. Payments are deposited into their bank account s every Friday.