Troubleshooters Available is celebrating 40 years in business and we want to let all our clients know, past and present, that our commitment and dedication to the building industry remains strong and unshakable.

Recent media revelations regarding crime and corruption in the building industry have been akin to watching a series of Underbelly. Organised crime, bikies, drugs, pay offs, bribes, intimidation, we’ve heard all the anecdotal reports for years and sadly it’s no surprise

This year Troubleshooters Available entered its 40th year of business! This is a major accomplishment for any business in any industry. We are very proud of our achievements and would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the many clients who have trusted us with their construction personnel requirements.

To our contractors who are ambassadors for our labour hire business every time they step on to a building site, we thank you for your service and loyalty.