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  • When lifting. Bend your knees; retain a flat back and use your thigh muscles to lift.

  • Avoid unnecessary bending. Do not place objects on the floor if they must be picked up later.

  • Avoid unnecessary twisting. Turn your feet, not your hips or shoulders. Leave enough room to shift your feet so as not to twist.

  • Avoid reaching out. Handle heavy objects close to the body. Avoid a long reach out to pick up an object.

  • Avoid excessive weights. If the load is too heavy, get help or use a mechanical device if one is available.

  • Lift gradually. Lift slowly, smoothly and without jerking.

  • Keep in good physical shape. Engage in regular exercise and maintain a good diet.

  • Do not lift if mechanical assistance is possible.

Troubleshooters Available is celebrating 40 years in business and we want to let all our clients know, past and present, that our commitment and dedication to the building industry remains strong and unshakable.

We are well aware that the economic climate has presented many challenges to builders and construction companies during the past couple of years. These circumstances have forced some of our clients to seek alternative ways to manage their workforce.

Creating, building and re-establishing successful business relationships is very important to us and are well placed to assist you with effective and efficient personnel solutions.

We remain, as always, a reliable provider or top notch construction personnel at competitive prices.

Recent media revelations regarding crime and corruption in the building industry have been akin to watching a series of Underbelly. Organised crime, bikies, drugs, pay offs, bribes, intimidation, we’ve heard all the anecdotal reports for years and sadly it’s no surprise that hard evidence is now being produced.

This year Troubleshooters Available celebrates 40 years in the business. A major feat considering that the unions have hindered our business since its inception in the 70’s and selective harassed our clients.

All those in the industry that value a level playing field should make known their support of the reestablishment of the ABCC and a Royal Commission by contacting their local MP. Former Federal Treasurer Peter Costello asked the question in a recent newspaper article: When Julia Gillard gutted the ABCC, did she think it would lead to more law enforcement or less in the Australian building industry? When Bill Shorten opposes the return of a properly resourced ABCC, is that because he wants to be tougher or softer on criminal activity in the industry?

If you or your business has been harassed, hindered, intimidated or experienced unlawful activity at the hands of the CFMEU I strongly suggest that you contact Nigel Hadgkiss, Director, Fair Work Building and Construction, GPO BOX 9927, Melbourne 3001.

Australia needs a strong, productive, competitive building industry and those that work in the industry are entitled to do so without fear, corruption and crime